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International Geophysical Symposium

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We cordially invite you to the 38th year of scientific conference On Mining and Environmental Geophysics, that will be held in Stara Lesna on 1st-3rd June 2022. Paper will be presented on the following topics: environmental and mining geophysics, natural, induced and technical seismicity, deep geological repository, archeogeophysics, other geophysical, geotechnical and related research.

Succes of Applied Geophysicists and Geodesists

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AlpArray program is a European initiative to advance our understanding of orogenesis and its relationship to mantle dynamics, plate reorganizations, surface processes and seismic hazard in the Alps-Apennines-Carpathians-Dinarides orogenic system. The initiative integrates present-day Earth observables with high-resolution geophysical imaging of 3D structure and physical properties of the lithosphere and of the upper mantle, with […]