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Project VEGA-1-0462-16

Napísal Andrej, v

Project VEGA 1/0462/16 “Solution of actual problems in geophysical and geodetic detection of underground cavities in environmental and archaeological applications” Outputs, software: 1. MATLAB script REGDER 2.0  (2D- and 3D Euler deconvolution, classical approach with regularized derivatives), based on the publication Pašteka et al. (2009, Geopys. Prospecting) REGDER_files 2. MATLAB script REGCONT1 (2D- and 3D […]

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Napísal Andrej, v

Aims of the project APVV-16-0146 are indicated at two levels: scientific: the results will be a contribution to both the Western Carpathians geodynamics and the methodology of systematic research and faults´ monitoring practical with society-wide impact: dislocations have indisputable influence on human environment (fluids migration, recent dynamics, health risks, …). Gained real and exact knowledge of […]

Project APVV-0194-10 “Bouguer_NG”

Napísal Roman Pašteka, v

Aims of the project: summarizing analysis of non-standard effect and improvement of the Complete Bouguer Anomalies (CBA) evaluation methodics, recalculation and unification of gravimietrical database in Slovak Republic with addition of archive detailed measurements, testing of new CBA map by new field measurements realisation, interpretation of new CBA map (2.5 and 3D integrated modelling, analysis […]