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Dear students, if you need any help with applied geophysics courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our department on well-known mound Newgrange, Ireland

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In June 2022, a team of Slovak researchers took part in an archaeological survey at Ireland’s most famous mound, Newgrange. The team included professor Roman Pašteka and PhD student Ema Nogová from our department, former graduate of the department Pavol Zahorec (currently at the Earth Science Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences), and the geophysicist’s best […]

Abstracts from the 38th International CZ-PL-SK Symposium “On Mining and Environmental Geophysics”

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Dear participants, the abstracts of the contibutions presented on 1st-3rd July at the International Czech-Polish-Slovak Symposium in Stara Lesna (High Tatras, Slovakia) can be downloaded here. Thank you for your participation, scientific contribution and friendly atmosphere. See you at the next CZ-PL-SK symposium. 🙂

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AlpArray program is a European initiative to advance our understanding of orogenesis and its relationship to mantle dynamics, plate reorganizations, surface processes and seismic hazard in the Alps-Apennines-Carpathians-Dinarides orogenic system. The initiative integrates present-day Earth observables with high-resolution geophysical imaging of 3D structure and physical properties of the lithosphere and of the upper mantle, with […]